OpEd: Vote NO for John Dubois

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Miami Dade County sues John DuBois for causing “irreparable damage to the environment”by “cutting mangroves” and “filling wetlands.”

We are a Lawful Community that Respects our Environment and Believes in Protecting it.

Since 2004 DuBois has Broken the County’s Environmental Laws, “created irreparable damage to the environment” (DERM determination) and used his wealth and political influence to avoid paying fines.

Dubois’ house before he illegally cut mangroves, 05/09/09 and after he illegally cut mangroves, 12/22/10

Illegally Filling Coastal Wetlands

Miami Dade County has cited Dubois & begun prosecution. Circuit Court Case 12-37012CA24 filed Sept. 19, 2012. He TELLS RESIDENTS AND VOTERS the case is dismissed. The County says NO. Unpaid fines are accruing.

A Certified Arborist Needs a Class 1 Permit from the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation to Cut Mangroves.  No permit was obtained.

Citation for Filling Coastal Wetlands and Cutting Mangroves

Prosecution Filed by Miami Dade County on 9/19/12 by the State Attorney’s Office.

DuBois Filed a Motion to Dismiss the Prosecution on 11/08/12. His reason for dismissal: He is running for Office. DeBois lied to Residents and Voters at the Polls by telling them the prosecution was dismissed.

DeBois sent out mailers today still denying that he broke the law.

The County is not dropping the case. DuBois will next appear in Court on Dec 20th.

Why is DeBois investing over $100,000 in his campaign for Vice Mayor in a small Village like Palmetto Bay?

Will he continue to break the law as Vice-Mayor? Will he use his office to over develop Old Cutler Road & US1 at taxpayer expense?

Will his “Enterprise Zone” bring more traffic and high-rise developments to Palmetto Bay?

Protect our coast, our environment and our Village.

Vote NO for John Dubois.