Battle Royale: Patti vs. Patte Drunk vs. Crook

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The folks over at Tamarac Talk have written the first, in a series of posts, about  former Tamarac commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad’s felony corruption trial.

This begins the first in a series of reports from Patti Lynn who is covering the trial of Patte Atkins-Grad, the suspended Tamarac City Commissioner who is charged with eight felony charges for allegedly taking cash or gifts from father and son developers Bruce and Shawn Chait. Lynn ran against Atkins-Grad two times for the City Commission seat.

Atkins-Grad was arrested as a Commissioner back in 2010 because she failed to disclose payments for a $2,300 BMW lease and $4,000 for her victory party back in 2006 for her election as state law requires.

These stories are penned by Johnny-Walker-On-The-Spot, er… failed political candidate, er… friend (?) of Atkins-Grad, successful alcoholic Patti Lynn.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

It’s Three Sheets to the Wind versus Busted and Disgusted.

The Team Drunk Captain is Patty Lynn, who back in 2007 was arrested for DUI.

Vehicle #1 makes contact with the right rear corner of vehicle #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7.  When vehicle #1 makes contact with the right rear corner of vehicle #7, the fore of the impact pushes vehicle #7 into vehicle #8 causing damage.

Vehicle #1 attempt to leave the scene and is stopped by witnesses.

Upon making contact with the driver, the offier could smell a strong odor of suspected alcoholic beverage coming from this person.

Heading up the Crooks, is Team Captain Patte Atkins-Grad, who rejected a plea offer of  “two years in the pokey” and is now facing up to 15 years behind bars (pun!).

MAOS: Behind bars… Something I’d imagine Lynn has considerable experience with…

Now here’s the funny part.

Around 2pm yesterday, as Atkins-Grad is sitting in the courtroom, in the trial of her life, facing the loss of her freedom, with a possible 15 years in the can, with the Sun-Sentinel breaking this story about her, what does she do?

Is Atkins-Grad paying close attention, as if her very life depended on it?


Guess what friends.

She’s on Facebook …  bitching about Lynn.


I wonder… After the end of the trial day, did Patty Lynn find the nearest bar and have a one two thirteen you’re-so-pretty-i-luv-you-burp cocktails to celebrate?

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