The ACLU rallies to my cause

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To: ********

via email

Hey ****;

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

Here’s a quick run down.

Earlier this week, I spoke with the following City of Deerfield Beach officials:

  • Mayor Peggy Noland
  • City Manager Burgess Hanson
  • City Attorney Andy Maurodis

Over the past couple of years, at the SW corner of Hillsboro Blvd and US 1 in Deerfield Beach, individuals have been allowed to place a manger and menorah on city owned property.

After failing in my quest to not allow this practice, this years I switched tactics and asked permission to place a symbol of my holiday belief next to the other displays.

The City Attorney, a personal friend of mine, proceeded to dazzle me with phrases like “limited public forum”, “allowed in the hallways in Michigan”, etc.

I indicated to the City Attorney my intention to proceed, which included a call to the ACLU (I’ve been carrying the card since 1988).

And here we are.

Should I be granted access, I intend to craft a ****.  My best thinking to date is **** with one of these ideas:

  1. ****
  2. ****
  3. ****
  4. ****
  5. ****

The City’s final commission meeting is next Tuesday. I’ve asked Mayor Noland to bring this matter forward for discussion.  As there are three very devout Commissioners on the dais, I believe the city will intentionally violate my Constitutional rights.

I remain undeterred.

My thanks for any help / advice.

Best to you.


PS I’ve included a copy screen grabs from Google Maps to help illustrate the location in question.