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We are noticing a state audit of the City of Hollywood and the Hollywood Redevelopment Agency.

The Hollywood CRA(s) have expenses that are “unlawful” according to the audit. The audit also makes note of the fact that the City did not accurately report its true financial condition even though the City was experiencing an economic downturn. Not properly showing all brought forward balances, inaccurate financial reports, and failing to make budget adjustments.

All of this to make the City look worse than it was for a financial “urgency” condition to mandate cuts?

That is what State Senator Eleanor Sobel wanted to know by requesting the audit.

Let’s contrast this to Lauderdale Lakes.

The CRA has expenses and use of CRA cash ($2.5M) that is “unlawful.” Inaccurate financial reports and bogus audited financial statements showing inaccurate cash balances; borrowing cash from special assessments and “unlawful” enacted budgets.

All of this to make the City look better than it was to downplay declaring true financial “emergencies” for the last two years?

And why did Rep. Hazzelle Rogers (former Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner) block the request for a state audit and oversight assistance? Apparently at the request of Commissioner :EH: in support of his CM appointee (and long time cohort) :JA: whose motto is “trust me this is the right thing to do.”

Also lot of support from the auditor Rod Harvey (another long time EH cohort) to pull this off.

The Tale of Two Cities….. on the surface they appear the same but dig deeper and you will see.

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