Yep, same church, same favorable evaluation.


We have finally broken the code on this past Monday’s evaluation of :JA:.

Wanted to give lil jon a “1 “but his wife Beverly, who attends the same church where lil jon is a deacon, told him he could not. See who wears the pants in this family- lil jon got a “3”?

We have commented before that lil jon is the only deacon we know of with the morals of an alley cat- keeps score of the female staffers he has tamed- but who is counting besides him?

And we always know that Levoyd does as he told- goes back to his days with $50,000 Rogers. She always told him how to vote. Now he has to dance to :EH:’s tunes.

Getting tired of that Levoyd?

Yep, same church same favorable evaluation. As she has commented- I don’t like him but Eric keeps telling me this is what I have to do. Trust me- this is the right thing to do….  I did have a brain at one time.

Gary Coleman
Yep, same church, same favorable evaluation. Of course they had to wake her and remind her of the subject at hand- immediately yelled bingo!

Commented that if it was anything to do with :JA2: that just hand it to him and he would sign it.

Enough said of the dynamic duo- lil jon and him. Answer to question above about who is counting- him- competition with lil jon.

Well on Dec 11, they have to put up or shut up. Hopefully enough shame will come to them and they will vote they way they should.

On this past Tuesday, they voted E. Haynes and his crony E. Coleman totally out of leadership positions in either the CRA or the City.

Seems like the events of this past week concerning the Hollywood CRA and its similarities to the Eric Haynes/Jon Allen era in L Lakes will put the focus back on these slimebags. Someone

please take Eric Haynes along with Jon Allen- do the City a favor- empty the garbage.

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