Forget Fain-Taylor, she’s got nothing to do with this.

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According to a recent Florida Auditor’s audit of Hollywood, Florida:

Finding No. 10: The CRA’s adopted budget did not include prior year balances brought forward, contrary to law.

Finding No. 13: CRA records did not demonstrate compliance with Section 163.387(7), Florida Statutes, regarding the disposition of unexpended CRA trust fund moneys.

It is our belief a state audit of Lauderdale Lakes would find similar problems.

To wit:

With regards to the 2013 Lauderdale Lakes CRA budget, only $268,000 of the Fund Balance was allocated.

  1. As of 9/30/2012, the CRA had a $3.4M fund balance.
  2. According to Florida Statute (FS 163.387), any unbudgeted (FS 189.418) remainder (roughly $3.2M) must be refunded to the paying agencies.

Two years (2011) before:

  1. The CRA had a fund balance of $3,391,358.
  2. However, $2.5M was “advanced/stolen to/by” the City.
  3. Thus, in reality, the CRA had an “available” fund balance of $873,327.

Recall, the Auditor General dinged Hollywood for failing to budget out the CRA’s total fund balance. So if FS 189.418 applies to Hollywood, then it must apply to Lauderdale Lakes.

And since Lauderdale Lakes failed in 2012 and 2013 to budget the total CRA fund balances, they broke the law, not once, but twice.

All of which falls squarely at the feet of :EH: and :JA:.

It was their illegal actions of borrowing $2.5M from the CRA, setting up a “forbearance agreement”, followed by a massive 2019 balance balloon payment … that crippled the CRA.

Forget Anita Fain-Taylor, as she’s got nothing to do with this.

It’s the Haynes/Allen combo, a duo who has intentionally mislead the CRA Board.

They bear full responsibility.

They are willfully violating Florida Statutes.

They are intentionally breaking the law.

City of Hollywood, Florida State Audit

The Lauderdale Lakes CRA Audit