I know where you can find $3.2M.

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Over the last year, I’ve fielded calls from a particular interested party who is often apt to say, “If Lauderdale Lakes was serious about their own local fiscal cliff, they’d slash the park’s budget.”

This post is gonna make a certain someone very happy.

As you’ve been reading, both Lauderdale Lakes and Hollywood have been caught red-handed — aka breaking the law — when it comes to their illegal usage of CRA cash.

And because of this, according to Florida Statutes, the County, along with the Hospital District and Child Services Council, are due an immediate refund.

We’re talking millions of dollars.

Due now.

Pay up f***er.

Our best guess is the Lauderdale Lakes CRA needs to refund approximately $3.2M dollars, with approximately $2.3M coming from the City.

And no, we should not be doing a credit plan with these clowns.

MAOS also understands the Lauderdale Lakes’ CRA is cash poor — in fact it’s got a negative current balance.

Therefore, in order for the city to comply with Florida Statutes, that money would need to come from the General Fund.

And that will hurt. Leave one hell of a mark.


Such a payment would force major changes inside Lauderdale Lakes.

For starters, I know where we can find $2M.

The annual Parks Department budget.

Kill it. Nuke it. Flush it down the toilet.

Just give us back our money, you cheap f***s.


While we are on the idea of “Broward County, Buy Here, Pay Here”, MAOS also believes 2013 is the time for the County to tell them …

Take a flying f***ing hike.

Hey, if you are rich enough to afford raises, if you are rich enough to give your City Manager a raise, then you are rich enough to pay your own way on the BSO deal.

Commissioner Stacy Ritter had it right when she questioned why the County was even involved … it ain’t their deal. It’s between BSO and :JA:.

MAOS will continue to press this issue, following the recently emailed advice of Commissioner Sue Gunzburger regarding our belief Lauderdale Lakes needs an enema audit.

Gunzburger wrote, “You have the right to make this request as a private citizen and I urge you to do so.”

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