Day Three of Vince Richmond Week

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To: Jonathan Allen, City Manager
Lauderdale Lakes

via email

Hey Jon;

Still looking forward to our first meeting…  Since I’ve heard the Miami-Dade ruling is due out any day now, perhaps we can meet down at the Broward County Jailhouse.  I’ll bring my bullhorn and the TV crews, you’ll be in charge of securing some KY — or plan B … maybe your buddy/cellmate Corey Alston will have a ready supply of spittle handie (pun!).

So this morning, I have some questions regarding the “Clear Case of Cronyism On Display” — aka Vince Richmond‘s Driving Privileges.

As you are aware, back in Dec. 2008 during his DUI arrest, good old Vince refused to blow (well, he blows, but not in the tube-thingy). Seems that according to Florida Law (FS 322.2615), “The driver refused to submit to a lawful breath, blood, or urine test and his or her driving privilege is suspended for a period of 1 year for a first refusal.” And the Florida DMV states, “In some cases, it might be possible to have your suspended license reinstated for hardship purposes, meaning to drive to and from work only. You’ll have to complete a DUI program and probably have an ignition interlock device installed on your car for six months to two years or more.”

Back in 2008, Vince worked for you right? So I am sure you were probably aware of his “transgression”, which makes me wonder:

  1. During the ten days that Vince most likely lost his right to drive, was he (a) working and (b) driving a city vehicle?
  2. If the DMV ordered an “ignition lock” for Vince, would that have applied to Vince’s city vehicle?
  3. Were there any emergency 3AM sprinkler issues that cropped up?

Now, onto the matter of cronyism.

  1. Can you explain to me what constitutes a “3AM sprinkler emergency”?
  2. Today, why is Vince taking home a taxpayer supplied vehicle?
  3. Who gave him official authorization? Is there paperwork to back this? Have you worn out the shredder (cough cough … I know you’re just trying to probably save space by destroying public records).
  4. Can you explain to the residents why you haven’t farmed out the lawn maintenance — saving the taxpayer about $400K a year?

And finally.

  1. Are we having fun yet?  I know I am.

Best to you.

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