It’s War. Send the AirCav.

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Commissioner Marty Kiar
Broward County

via email

Good day to you. Hope these words find you well.

As you have probably read by now, your colleague Stacy “Corruption Ball Busting” Ritter has sent two letters to Tallahassee. One destined to Pam Bondi, seeking an Attorney General’s Opinion (AGO) regarding the legality of the $2.5 million Lauderdale CRA “loan” —  teaser alert: it ain’t. The other addressed to the Legislative Auditing Committee, chaired by your pally Senator Joe Abruzzo. In that missive, Ritter called upon Joe & Co. to open a can of whoop ass on Lauderdale Lakes (well, that’s my impression).

And here’s where you can assist — assuming you’re not soft on corruption, worried about millions in tax payers dollars, and want to be on my good side.

I’ve heard it said the LAC won’t normally take up a lone County Commissioner’s request, as that sort of thing has to come from a Senator or Representative. Well, in this case, the Representative representing (aka Hazelle Rogers) is under criminal investigation (so she’s not all that motivated to have others digging into her money cartel business). And Chris Smith? Well, he’s proven very adept at circling “the African American wagon.”

As Nana would say, “Both are worthless as tits on a bull.”

Which brings us to you.

Bro, don’t let Allen, Rogers, Smith and others make this a “black/white issue”, as it has nothing at all to do about race, and everything to do with decent, honest governance — traits in very short supply in LL.

So do all of us a favor (aka the County taxpayer) and give Joe a call. Tell him something along the lines of, “Yo Holmes, you won’t believe the bullshit they pull over in Lauderdale Lakes. Send the AirCav.”

No wait, send Joe an email. That way, it’s a public record and the public (aka me) can see how tough you are on corruption. I’ll write it up and thousands and thousands will read about it.

As is always the case, I stand ready to assist.

PS I remind you of these words from the OIG:

The OIG investigation found that Jonathan K. Allen, the City Manager of the City of Lauderdale Lakes (City), engaged in intentional bid splitting and other misconduct to improperly authorize a contract for the management services of Manny Diez, a former city employee. The investigation also found that in contracting with his favored vendor instead of conducting a competitive solicitation, Mr. Allen violated not only the Code, but also basic tenets of good public policy.  Accordingly, Mr. Allen’s actions created both real and apparent conflicts of interest. Moreover, in the wake of the gross mismanagement of public funds that has already endangered the City—as addressed in our companion report, OIG 11-017—Mr. Allen heedlessly paid significantly more for the management services.


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