We three have taken a stand and said, enough of this bullshit.


Broward County Commissioners Stacy Ritter and Marty Kiar;

via email

Hey Stacy and Marty.

Thanks for stepping forward and helping me battle corruption. It’s much appreciated.

I believe history is being written right before our eyes and in the end, you both will be on the right side of the equation. Unfortunately your other colleagues on the dais aren’t, at the moment, making the grade. Makes me wonder how in 2011 2012 2013, a Broward politician could be soft on political corruption.

Duh and/or hello?


City Manager Jonathan Allen is crooked. He is an outright thief that has jobbed the system for personal gain. Like former Deerfield Beach Commissioner Sylvia Poitier, it is my clear intention to get his ass thrown in jail. *

As you know, I reached out to Sen. Chris Smith for help, only to have him bury his head in the sand. I’m not sure what the heck’s going on there, I hear he’s a great guy … honorable, well spoken. Not sure if it’s a racial thing, or if his fellow colleagues in Lauderdale Lakes got to him. But whatever the case, unlike you, he’s definitely supporting the wrong team.

When this deal is done and I look for a full accounting, rest assured those who remained silent will be held accountable for their actions. That’s Smith, and your fellow colleagues who have not risen up in clear support of the taxpayers, who fail to be concerned about the million dollars at stake, and who fail to deal with the absolute incompetence on display in Lauderdale Lakes.

We three have taken a stand and said, enough of this bullshit.

I’ve got column space on BrowardBeat and New Times. My blog traffic is crazy off the hook. Everyday, I’m setting new website traffic records. You talk about me at the water cooler, and others are doing the same thing — all across Florida.

I’m glad to have you both along for the ride.

* PS Go ahead Jon, have your Dad send me another Cease/Desist letter, you pussy.

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