Reminding Jon Allen of his various transgressions.


Here’s an email thread of mine… Go ahead and follow the bouncing ball.

From: Chaz Stevens
Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 8:36 PM
To: City Clerk
Cc: Senior Staff; Professional Staff; Administrative Support
Subject: PRR

The following is a request for information. For the vehicle(s) assigned to Vince Richmond, from 2008 to present, copies of the following:

  1. Maintenance logs
  2. Gas logs
  3. Service logs
  4. Repair logs
  5. Accident reports
  6. Insurance claims
  7. Any/all authorization forms, etc. to take home the vehicle

I am requesting copies only, no research.


Mr. Stevens:

Pursuant to the below request, the estimated charges are as follows:

For Items 1 -4:
the estimated staff time is 3 hours for a cost of $27.50
The estimated copies are 400 pages x $0 .15 for cost of $60.00
Total estimated cost = $60.00

For Items 5-7:
the estimated staff time is 30 minutes for a cost $5.11
The estimated copies are 10 pages x $0.15 for a cost of 1.50
Total estimated cost $6.61

The total estimated cost for this request = $94.11

If you wish the City to proceed with this request, please forward a check for the estimated amount payable to the City of Lauderdale Lakes. Once the check is cleared, we will proceed with gathering and photocopying the information. Please note that this cost is just an estimate.  The records can be produced within 24 business hours of receipt of cleared funds.

Thank you.

Lolita Codrington
City Clerk | City Clerk’s Office


Madam Clerk;

I’ve noticed, when requesting information that doesn’t involve City Manager Jon Allen possibly banging the hired help (PRR cost: $700), fees for Allen’s drinking buddies are nearly tolerable.

I shall send a check later this week.

Care to wager a bet which arrives first?  My check or the decision by the Miami Dade SAO to criminally prosecute JonBoi?  That word, I am told, is mere days away.

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