OpEd: Looking at the workshop


Item #3A-

Holy crap. First reducing the Commission from 7 to 5- we support that. L Lakes is less than 4 sq miles. (Look deeper into which seats are being deleted- who gets displaced- personalities involved here? Look at number 2- there is an out for certain commissioners.

Second- eliminating the term limits- that is contrary to what everyone else is doing- look at Broward County. It is confusing as hell- anyone can run for anyone’s seat? Taking care of Eric here?

Third- City Clerk to be appointed by the Commission- we can go for that. But the City Charter calls already calls for a City Auditor appointed by the Commission- where is this person? And OIG recommended that… anyone remember that?

And why is this being sponsored by Jon Allen. He has no authority to sponsor this. This smells like Eric Haynes…. Getting his boy to do the dirty work?

Item #3B-
“Wall of Fame” Item sponsored by Treasa Brown Maybe it should say ” Wall of Shame” and put her name and Jon Allen’s on it….

Item 3D-

Discussion on the Athletic League collecting fees- any surprise they say for Jon Allen to keep his hands out? Slap down…

Item 3E-

Background screening for Parks, We have no objection with the BSO LL Police and Fire Chiefs. But Treasa Brown and D’Andrea Giddens-Jones? Come on now- Ms No Morals and Ms. No Scrupples? Our kids need more protection that that…

And if they enact this, Vince Richmond will no longer be allowed in Parks. Until Jon Allen absolves him again like he did with driving a City vehicle.

L Lakes Feb 11 Workshop by

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