Update: Holy shades of John Sims The Racist! More Facebook Stupidity, This Time from Coconut Creek Police Chief Michael Mann. Help Me Howard weighs in.

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File this under: When will they ever learn?

Looks like Coconut Creek Police Chief Michael Mann suffers from Facebook Alzheimer’s.

Last week, Mann shared the following video with his FaceBook friends. Seems that Mann, the town’s head cop (pun!), get his jollies watching a video of the po-po pulling over an innocent private citizen and drawing their weapons on that poor schlub.

Done, of course, in the name of the cops “having a good time at the expense of John Q. Public.”

Given Mann’s history of racial discrimination, turning a blind’s eye at very questionable shootings (more about that in the days to come), hiring his FDLE cronies at top dollar (more about this also), and driving agency moral into the shitter (and this), is this the quintessential example of “art imitating life”?


I sent this email to Broward County Public Defender Howard “Help Me” Finklestein:

As I know you’re a huge fan of my blog/work, perhaps you’d be good enough to review this video (which was shared on the Chief’s Facebook page)…

Here’s his reply:

Hey Chaz. That video is not funny unless you have a dark sadistic streak. If a cop thinks it is funny maybe they should become a comedian rather than a cop.

To which, I wrote back:

It is scary actually… What’s next? Child rapists making porn from Teletubbies?

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