You see, it’s no great public secret that I’m a recovering alcoholic.

For many years, I battled with substance abuse issues, and only after being sick and tired of being sick and tired, did I finally say enough is enough and put down the drink and drug.

I’ve learned many things about being an alcoholic and living life sober … the most profound lesson learned being, “It’s not about bad people getting good, it’s about sick people getting healthy.”

Queue Jean Robb DeDouchebag.

An avid reader was kind enough to forward me this campaign rhetoric emanating from Robb’s cakehole, and I quote (typos and all), “We hAVE BECOME REHAB CITY.”

Editor’s Note:
Wasn’t Robb, at one time, supposedly a teacher?

I find this to be a rather curious statement given the fact (we’ve been told) that  Robb’s own daughter may have lost her nursing license (1998) due to issues with drug addiction. If true, and we believe it is, this makes us wonder … if the younger Robb had access to substance abuse counseling, would the results have turned out the same?

And what about the other daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, and grannies in our community? What about those folks? What if folks needing help are turned away because Robb wants to win an election?

But rest assured, drinking and/or using isn’t limited to just the finer sex. In fact, studies indicate 1 in 13 folks in America are alcoholics. I’m willing to bet you  have a close family member (or seven) who’s dealing with this problem.

Such buffoonery puffery makes good emotional fodder, but what is Robb’s plan for actually curbing the growth of rehab facilities within Deerfield Beach? She says they’re bad, but gives no plan on how to deal with them (shades of Mitt Romney).

Here’s a few facts:

  1. Boca Raton lost two lawsuits (including one to the US Department of Justice) when they tried to turn away halfway houses.  Cost to the taxpayer? $1.1 million.
  2. Google “halfway houses Delray Beach” and you’ll notice a dozen such places east of 95.
  3. Do the same search for Deerfield Beach, and you’ll return one facility.
  4. There’s no public data that supports an increase of crime / violence around these facilities.

So friends, if you get the chance, ask Robb what shes intends to do… How she figures to take on the United States Department of Justice and win. Perhaps Robb plans to involve her other daughter (supposedly a former NC assistant state prosecutor) — you know the daughter that didn’t lose (allegedly) her license to addiction.

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