12 Feb Broward County to launch a separate audit of Lauderdale Lakes?

MAOS Rule #16: Always come out the bastards from other angles.

Here’s R16 in play.


Commissioner Marty Kiar
Broward County

via email

Thanks for taking the time today to speak with me. As I am a big lover of doggies, I commend you for your efforts. Job very well done, dear Sir. As to our talk, I was intrigued / encouraged by your idea of having the County launch a separate audit of Lauderdale Lakes — not to be redundant, but job very well done, dear Sir.

To that point, allow me to offer the following ideas for your learned consideration.

  1. Gain an audit foothold via the BSO ILA contract. I’m pretty sure this ILA gives the County some rights to verify LL’s financial condition (teaser alert: it blows). We loan and front them millions of dollars, can’t we at least run a credit check?
  2. The Lauderdale Lakes Library/Educational and Cultural Center — and here’s where I think we’ll find the Wonka Golden ticket. The County used very restrictive bond money to build the facility (County paid for the first floor and the LL CRA built the second floor). The County was to take deed to the Library, emphasis “was”, as Broward could not/probably still cannot now take ownership due to the parking lot issue.

Queue Mr. Wonka.

Here’s where the County could begin an investigation on the bond issue (tainted contracting, etc.)

  1. Why did the City allow the developer to change the site plan and move the parking lot without the County’s okay?
  2. Why did the City award a no bid contract for the parking lot?
  3. What was Hazelle Roger’s role (aka hand out for cash) here?
  4. Two words — Manny Diez, or these two words — criminal investigation into Jon Allen‘s alleged felony bid splitting.

In the end, the County has bond money in the project and owns the building.

As Mr. Evan Lukic (County Auditor) can’t tell his ass from a hole in the ground, I’d offer my investigative services to the County at a reasonable rate.

I’ll await your thoughts.

Chaz Stevens

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