Candidate Robb says, “Let’s revisit the 10% utility tax.”

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Here’s today’s installment of Robb Then Versus Now.

Everyone pays their fair share…

Because of the $25,000 homestead exemption some resident pay little or no property tax but residences receive the same police and fire services regardless of city property taxes “to be fare everybody should be paying some part of the cost of providing serves in the city. “The city should collect the utility tax under Robb’s plan residences would pay 4% in utility tax ”

– Sun Sentinel

Let’s eliminate pensions…

Under Robb the multiplier was changed for the Non-Uniform employees in the late eighties from 2 percent per year to 3 percent a full 1 percent increase. This change caused a “Huge” retirement of General Employees who never contributed the additional 2 percent to bring them up to the (FPP) 9 percent of salary contribution per year. This had a cost to the city budget of over $1 million to fund this change. This change happened under former mayor Robb’s term in office.

Letter to the editor 11/25/10 

Reexamine the legality of the contract that gave our fire department to BSO…

Former Mayor Robb gave the city police department to the Broward Sheriff Office instantly giving the officers a 7% raise. The city picked up the employees contribution to the pension plan which also gave them the opportunity to double dip.

Stop reckless spending by our current administration…

Candidate Robb proposes increased funding for youth programs.