Evan Lukic, Broward County’s top CPA. Get ready to be unimpressed.

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Broward County Commissioner Marty Kiar;

via email

Back in the middle 90’s, I had the great privilege of working for NASA as part of a joint US/EU effort that fired a space platform (SOHO) about 1.1 million miles into the cold dark reaches of space. My part in this project was to help make sure we had the arithmetic absolutely correct, as there’s little room for error when guiding an 1,100 pound object into a Lagrangian point.

Unfortunately, the County’s top CPA (Evan Lukic) doesn’t seem to have the same respect for numbers. In fact, if you follow his logic, “I have confirmed that the City has met these payment obligations through January 31, 2013”, as long as Lauderdale Lakes is paying the bills on time, who cares about their accounting.

WTF Chuck?

I am not sure if it’s laziness, ineptness, or incompetence, but whatever the case, if Lukic worked for me, I’d have fired his ass in a NY minute.

To wit.

The taxpayers of Broward County, on a monthly basis, assume a great financial liability, based on absolutely incorrect financial statements produced by Lauderdale Lakes. Do you really think Bank of America would guarantee a $1 million dollar loan using numbers derived from a f***ing Ouija board?

The Lauderdale Lakes Finance Director has zero previous professional experience, she’s not a CPA, not a budget expert, and seems to have problems with simple integer math. At her previous job (Special Project Director at Oakland Park), she was responsible for producing PowerPoint presentations and yet, Lukic has no issue cutting seven-figure checks based on this nitwit’s guesstimations.

As to Lukic’s points in his email to you, allow me to retort (with facts):

The previous OIG report looked at Oct. 2011 forward, was not completed until March 2012, and did not include any actual results from 2011 since the audited financial statements were not available.

In fact, the OIG report clearly stated that they could not balance what the City provided as 2011 projections, so they did not address it. Follow me? The OIG took a mulligan. That’s not a knock on the OIG, but rather the abysmal accounting practices put forth by Team Jon Allen. Given this, what confidence (zero) should we have that another go by the OIG will yield better results.

Lukic also keeps returning to 2011 …Personally, I could give a flying fart what happened then as that’s water under the bridge. What matters is 2012/13 — which means looking into Jon Allen, Gary Rogers, and Eric Haynes.

In the end, if Lukic is too lazy to earn his exorbitant pay, perhaps he could do us all a favor and find work elsewhere as I am growing weary of his excuses.

I reiterate my request, as a taxpayer of Broward County, for someone over there to get off their collective ass and hold Lauderdale Lakes accountable. If you need to follow by example, jump on the Stacy Ritter bandwagon.

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