Just say no to Jean.

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My friends over in the Deerfield Beach Cove area (district #1) inform me there’s a lot of grumbling over the rehabs … in particular, Mayor Peggy Noland‘s apparent lack of _______ (insert adjective here).

Okay f***heads, listen up.

There’s nothing Noland can do. Boca tried, got sued, lost, ending up costing the taxpayer $1.1 million. Same thing over in Sarasota — to the tune of $3 million.

Some think that Jean Robb can somehow solve the rehab issue* … Okay, how is she planning to do that? What’s her approach? I’m willing to bet it’s something along the lines of, “Elect me and I will fix the problem.”


So let me get this straight.  Robb, perhaps leaning on the great legal minds of her daughter and Tom Connick, has solved this issue.  Unlike cities across Florida, Jeanicide has the answer. But… And it’s a big butt, we’ll have to pay to play.  Elect her and we win the prize.

Trust me here.  She doesn’t have a solution, as there is NO solution. Sorry to say, but we’re f***ed. Totally out of our hands. The Feds hold all of the cards.

Robb can plant a million signs, she can promise you the world, she can tear down Noland, but in the end what specific examples does she offer?

* Maybe Robb’s rehab solution is to drive everyone to drink. Excessive drink.  That way, all of Deerfield Beach will be a rehab.

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