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I gotta admit … those bastards on the Lauderdale Lakes dais must be spinning.  Complaints come at them from all different angles. Personally speaking, my head would pop off if I was them.


I assumed (stupid of me) that MD/SAO would have brought back their ruling in the past two weeks. I am basing my guess on what they said. I’m hoping that decision is right around the corner. As indicated, if they jack up Jon, I’d not be surprised.  If they took a mulligan, I’d also not be surprised.  I’ve got no internal barometer on how to see this will break.


Allen’s no reply to Lewis leads me to believe the travel was “complaint related”. As mentioned, the timing of ICMA email/website visits to Jon’s hush hush leads me to believe it was ICMA.


I think with all the S that’s going on (us, OIG, BC, LAC, Denton, SAO) we’re fully engaged, the fight is on. They might not realize it (having endured a year of our sniping).

But it’s here.

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