Am I getting close?


If we’re to believe the Coconut Creek Police Department (aka Police Chief Mikey Mann and former Deputy Chief Bobbie Biondolillo) — and I don’t — the investigation into Detective Curt Cuddeback sprung from the criminal investigation of Sgt. David Freeman and Officer Laurence Christopher.

Friends, this is a red herring … a false trail.

You see, Biondoilillo appeared to want everyone to believe CCPD found Cuddeback from their criminal investigation into Freeman/Christopher.

I’m not buying that. No deal f***er.

Here’s the question I can’t seem to answer — what lead CCPD to look into those two guys? An anonymous email we received indicated “some form of routine audit.” *


I opine Mann/Biondoilillo, caught with their pants down around their ankles and their thumbs in each other’s rump, have reverse engineered this problem.

Here’s my guess.

Biondoilillo pulled Private Citizen Cuddeback’s info from the FDLE. Sometime later, Cuddeback inquired about any inquiries into his info — which would have returned Biondoilillo’s query. Knowing how software works, Cuddeback’s query would have pinged/alerted Biondoilillo.

I’d imagine, this news would have been greeted with something along the lines of, “Oh f***.”

And so began the coverup.

If true, I’m not sure what’s more chilling. Is it?

  1. CCPD illegally pulling the information on a private citizen for their own gain
  2. CCPD launching a bullshit investigation on two of its own (Freeman/Christopher)
  3. The fact that The Genius is now on the case

And if this did happen, then I will find the responsible party(s) and flame their ass.

F***ing amazing tale…

Game on.

* To: Records Supervisor
Coconut Creek Police Department


The following is a request for public information.

  1. A copy of the department’s policy for the auditing of officers, detectives, etc., as to their inquiries of VINs and tags.
  2. A copy of the department’s manual explaining the details of performing these audits.
  3. Copies of the last six audits performed.

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