Need help auditing Lauderdale Lakes?


Broward County Commissioner Marty Kiar;

via email

Now that it’s come as no shock / surprise to hear Evan Lukic demure on the need for an audit, perhaps it’s time to ask the question, “What the f*** were we thinking? That dude’s not capable of being the Monopoly banker, let alone root out financial corruption.”

Think about it. Does Lukic’s abilities really instill confidence in you? Yeah, see what I mean. Therefore, let me make a suggestion. Two words — “Kessler International” (

Kessler is the shit.  They helped us here in Deerfield Beach come to grips with our financial problems.  Same thing with Pompano.  And Fort Pierce. And Cape Coral. Hell, Kessler even took a look at the Lauderdale Lakes CRA (well, kinda sorta, until Team Jon Allen shut them down — as they were asking too many “questions”).

Give Mike Kessler a call and listen to his thoughts about Lauderdale Lakes.

It’s time to put Lukic out to pasture and let the experts figure this out.

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