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As mentioned during our brief telephone discussion, here are the particulars of the issue at hand.

My name is Chaz Stevens, and I am a writer/activist living in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Over the past decade, I have helped root out corruption in Broward County. Due to my work, three elected officials (Al Capellini, Steve Gonot, and Sylvia Poitier) were arrested and removed from office. I’ve assisted the US Department of Justice nail another local public figure (Anthony Davis) for misuse of grant money (resulting in $50,000 in civil fines). My most recent work involves the City of Lauderdale Lakes, where the current City Manager, Jonathan Allen, finds himself under criminal investigation (initiated from my complaint) by the State Attorney’s Office.

I don’t say this to be arrogant, but rather to establish my bonafides.

Recently, Broward County Commissioners Stacy Ritter and Marty Kiar have joined my corruption busting efforts, as we’re all very concerned with the financial shenanigans that are occurring in Lauderdale Lakes.

Both Commissioners Kiar and Ritter spoke to Sen. Joe Abruzzo regarding the need for a LAC directed audit of Lauderdale Lakes (CRA and General Fund). I’ve come to learn the process for requesting such an audit needs to come from a member of the Broward Delegation. Needless to say, Rogers would be totally against any additional investigation of the CRA, given the SAO’s criminal investigation into her undeclared $50,000 “gift”.  State Sen. Chris Smith, close friends with the Rogers and Allen, has buried his head into the sand.

They’ve made this into a racial issue, which it ain’t, however it is a black versus white issue — as in a clear cut decision.

As Abruzzo told me, “It’s just an audit, it’s not we’re calling the FBI.”


I recognize the peculiarity of my request, as Lauderdale Lakes does not fall within Sen. Ring’s district. However, Sen. Ring represent a good portion of Broward County, and his constituents continue to bankroll that city. They are all on the tap for millions of dollars.  And there is no good end in sight.

Additionally, a poorly managed city is a blight on the entire county. A city run into the dirt is not able to share its mutual responsibilities with the rest of the county. And then, let’s not forget to mention the residents of Lauderdale Lakes are subjected to a 9.5 mill rate and some of the highest fees (fire, storm water) in the county.

Therefore, I respectfully ask Sen. Jeremy Ring to request a full scale LAC investigation of the Lauderdale Lakes CRA and General Fund, which should guarantee the taxpayer’s money is being spent legally, responsibly, and ethically.

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