Re-Elect Peggy Noland.

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Re Elect Mayor Peggy Noland on Tuesday March 12th, 2013

PROFILE: Age 61, married, 3 children, resident since 1982

EDUCATION: Syracuse Barber School, NY Binghamton North High School, NY

CIVIC: Board Member of the Broward County MPO, Board of Directors for the League of Cities, American Legion Post Unit 162, D.A.V. Deerfield Beach, Fl.

POLITICAL: Elected to serve on the City Commission, 1993-97, 1997-2001, 2001-05; 3 of the 12 years served as Vice-Mayor. 2009 elected Mayor of the city of Deerfield Beach.

PROFESSIONAL: Mayor of City of Deerfield Beach, Florida.

In 1989 when my first child was 2, I went to the city parks and recreation department looking for swimming lessons for my daughter. What I found out was there weren’t any and there was no pool in Deerfield Beach that offered them. This is what began my start into politics in 1993. I was determined to get a pool and lessons in my children’s home town. Little did I know at the time, that for the next 12 years I would work toward the building of this pool?

In 2005 I am proud to say I was the first one to swim in the new pool I fought for 12 years earlier. Now I felt my work in the city was done. I accomplished what I started out to do. I hadn’t though about running for the office of Mayor then our Mayor was suspended from office by the Governor Crist and I was saddened by what was happening in our City. I was approached by several citizens and business in the area and asked to consider running. After discussing it with my family they all agreed I should throw my hat into the ring.

As Mayor, my first priority was to restore “Creditability to Our City.” For 12 years, as Commissioner of District 1, I represented the most controversial area of the city, the beach area. The experiences and knowledge of city government I gained from this position helped me to work with the new commissioners to build a team of professionals that now work together for the citizens and, at the same time, have brought back the good reputation of the City of Deerfield Beach. I have worked hard over my time in office for the City I call home, and want to continue to do so.


  • During my time in office, I worked with the Kiwanis to build Fort Riverbend, the first park build by the citizens and business of Deerfield Beach.
  • I worked to support the Junior Lifeguard program, that lead several of our children to become city and beach lifeguards thru out the United States.
  • Supported the cities children’s Dolphins Swim team.
  • I went to Washington to lobby and get a new Post Office built on Hillsboro Blvd.
  • I worked on beach improvement
  • I worked with new business replacing old gas stations to bring in much needed revenue to the city.
  • I fought for and got lights on our ball fields, traffic calming in neighborhoods, school caution lights installed in school zones, a new fire station to help with the annexed area. Sidewalks in neighborhoods.
  • Supported Deerfield Beach in becoming a “Project Impact” city and quality for the All American Cities program.
  • Graduated from the first C.E.R.T. class.
  • Help to bring the C.O.P. program to our area.
  • Supported the Super Boat Races, Women’s Volleyball, Firefighter Challenge, 4th of July Fireworks, Founders Day weekend.
  • Went to the county to get a Boys and Girls Club in our City.
  • Finally in 2003 my work with Swim Central and the Broward County school board lead to the ground breaking for the new Aquatic Center.

When elected to office in 2009 I replaced a mayor who had been removed from office by the Governor of the State of Florida. I worked to repair the reputation of the Mayor’s office and implemented training for myself and the commission to work as a team for the betterment of the City and Residences.

This goal was accomplished by replacing the City Manager, who helps us bring in the first budget of the city of Deerfield Beach that was passed with no opposition from City residents.

I removed members of the Housing Authority after an investigation of in properties, and secured a new Director that just this week obtained 8.6 million dollars in grant funding for the city.

  • Worked with the CRA director to complete the Cove Shopping area, Hillsboro Street Scape, Deerfield Fishing Pier.
  • Acquired a 49 acre parcel of land at Tam O’Shanter that will be a new recreation area for the city.
  • Worked with the Broward County Commission to obtain land for a future ball park at Quiet Waters School.
  • Saw the completion of the Dixie Flyover project.
  • Helped with the completion of the 10th street Scape project.
  • Established a turn lane on SW15th Street.
  • Had cross walk sign installed on A1A in beach area on State Road.
  • Worked to obtain 9 million dollars in grant money.
  • Helped to establish “All In One” recycling program
  • Promoted the first City of Deerfield Beach Green Market.
  • Had the highest rate decrease in property taxes of any city in Broward County.
  • Reduced General fund balance by $650,000 over last 2 year decrease by 9%
  • Maye Howard Fitness Trail
  • South Beach Renourishment
  • 10th Street & Ocean way improvements
  • Pioneer Park Boat ramp improvements
  • Established “Operation Shoe Box” to help residence of Breezy Point, New York.
  • Brought back “Student Government Day”
  • Re-established Public Safety Family Day
  • Re-established week in film at opening of commission meeting to highlight areas and events in the city.

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