Ron Book – Double Agent

Double Agent

Commissioner Stacy Ritter and Marty Kiar;

via email

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned during my decade of battling corruption, it would be, “Never assume. Always ask the question.” Often times, questions and answers come in the form of public records.

When obtaining public information from Lauderdale Lakes, one needs to be patient (and wealthy). Did you know, City Manager Jon Allen once told staff, “He [Chaz] needs to pay to play.” Which, in the real world, translated to $750 to examine two personnel files (of woman “involved” with Allen). And yes, my friends at the OIG are looking into this.

So, performing my due diligence of Lauderdale Lakes and their CRA fiasco, imagine my chagrin to find Team Jon Allen communicating with Ron Book over Commissioner Ritter’s demand for an audit.

Stacy, what the hell is going on here?

Unless I am mistaken, Book’s on the County books, right?

Now I guess, when you make $4.5 million dollars, and have folks in your back pocket, certain rules of decency need not apply.

Can someone explain to me how you use my tax dollars to pay Book, only to have Book seem to turn around and f*** me out of my tax dollars? Book either needs to give me a reach around and/or buy me a drink.

Non-alcoholic of course.

I am thinking Book’s gonna reach out to the JLAC and “convince” them this shit doesn’t smell like shit, when in fact this shit smells like a rose – albeit a chocolate rose.

Will someone give Book a call and tell him to bugger off?

Ron Book by

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