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From: Jonathan Allen
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 4:52 PM
To: ; ‘Hazelle Rogers’ ; ; ‘’
Cc: ; ‘Phillips, Ella’; Amiel-Young.Patricia ; ‘’
Subject: FYI: Letters from County Commissioner Stacy Ritter

State Senator Smith, & State Representative Rogers, Thurston, and Clarke-Reed,

Attached for your review are two (2) letters that were prepared by District 3 County Commissioner Stacy Ritter relating to the City of Lauderdale Lakes and the Lauderdale Lake Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). County Commissioner Ritter sent the letters to a State Senator and State Representative serving on the Joint Legislative Audit Committee and Attorney General Pam Bondi. I just received a clean copy of the letter from County Commissioner Ritter ’s Office today.

I ’m forwarding you a copy of the letters to keep you in the loop and to seek guidance from each of you on how to proceed. It appears that many of the issues covered in the two letters are related to past improper financial practices undertaken by former City employees. To date, the CRA and City have taken deliberate corrective steps to resolve all issues related to the past use of CRA funds, including but not limited to conducting an external CRA Audit, cooperating with a previous Joint State Legislative Audit, executing a CRA/City forbearance agreement for the City to repay all funds due to the CRA, upgrading City/CRA financial procedures and protocols etc.

We are in the process of preparing a written response to summarize the corrective actions that the CRA and City have taken to resolve all the previous financial issues with the CRA/City. My goal is to keep everyone in the loop. Feel free to email or call me with any questions or guidance. Thanks! > Jonathan

PS – Via email, I ’m asking the each Legislative Aide to assist me in distributing this email and the related attachments to the appropriate individuals.

Chaz Stevens

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