William Scott is still getting screwed.

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15-365 - Screwed

Long time readers will recall this sordid tale…


To those who should be concerned.

My effort to get my right to practice law returned remains in progress.

For reference, the Florida Supreme Court suspension Order is published at

The Florida Bar v Scott, 39 So. 3d 309, (Fla 2010), rehearing denied (July 6, 2010), cert denied 131 S. Ct. 581 (U. S. 2010) (the “Opinion”).

A quick read will disclose I was framed.

The Opinion fails to mention that Steven A. Frankel, Esquire, the bar complaining witness is a lawyer who told me he would represent himself and also an accredited investor and promoter of the business and, therefore, solely responsible for his due diligence of his fellow promoter who was my client.

The Referee does not deny his failure to include these facts in his Amended Referee Report, instead he pleads absolute immunity.

Is this your idea of justice?

What happened to me could happen to you.

Ask yourself, are you justified in your denial of help for my cause?


William Sumner Scott


To the high ranking members of The Florida Bar:

Each of you has a position of authority within The Florida Bar.

It may be naïve of me, but my view of your leadership role is to intercede when the Bar is uses its disciplinary power to further the economic interests of one segment of its members against other members.

Below is my story to provide you with the facts of the ICEC-Frankel-Davidson frauds being championed by The Florida Bar at my expense.

Kenneth Marvin circulates the Amended Referee Report as proof the Bar has a just cause against me.  The Referee cited few material facts and none of the important ones related to The Florida Bar motive to bring the case against me.  You will have to investigate the facts for yourself.  Be prepared to be met with the code of silence that prevents one high ranking legal profession member from blowing the whistle on any other high ranking member.  You know the penalty, charges like the ones The Florida Bar has brought against me.

Let me know what action you plan to take to make The Florida Bar wrongs against me right.


William Sumner Scott
The Scott Law Firm, P. A.
36 NW 6th Avenue, Suite 409
Miami, FL 33128

305 796 3176

May 7, 2010

Prior to 2000 the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (the “CFTC”) was ruled in the case of CFTC v Frankwell, et al, 99 F.3d 299 (9th Cir. 1996) to not have authority to regulate forex (cash foreign) currency trading.  In 1998, it established Intercontinental (f/k/a International) Currency Exchange Corporation (ICEC) in cooperation with Prudential Securities, Inc.  Prudential hired Steven A. Frankel to be a 50% owner to negotiate an agreement with me as the attorney for the other 50% owner, Richard E. Maseri.  ICEC was never intended by Frankel or Maseri to  be an honest operation.  I told them it had to operate within the 9th circuit to have protection under the ruling in the Frankwell case.  They moved ICEC to Florida in-spite of that advice.  Once in Florida, the CFTC could claim that Frankel and Maseri had to be registered.  But the intent was to allow Maseri to take the fall for ICEC.  He is an uncover mole for the US Government.

When Barry Davidson was appointed receiver to collect Maseri’s assets in a case unrelated to ICEC, it became obvious to me that the cash in ICEC that in November, 1998, was sufficient to make 100% restitution would be siphoned off in receiver fees and costs to Davidson.  I told Maseri and Frankel that they had to tell the truth about ICEC to be certain the ICEC forex brokerage account was returned to the innocent ICEC customers.  Frankel refused to tell the truth.  And, when I sued him on behalf of the ICEC depositors, he slapped back with a bogus claim that I had been his attorney.  The USDC for the Southern District adopted Frankel’s bogus claims to disqualify me from representation of the ICEC depositors.  Prudential filed a inter-pleader action in the US District Court for the Southern District at number 98-8891 styled as Prudential v CFTC, et al.  Frankel was named a defendant, but did not appear to protect the ICEC depositors.  Prudential delivered a list of the ICEC depositors, their contact information, and the amounts each depositor had placed in the ICEC account to Davidson.  In ten hours of work or less, Davidson could have made full restitution to the ICEC customer/depositors at Prudential.

Instead, after the USDC Court transferred the ICEC assets from the Prudential inter-pleader case to the unrelated case of CFTC v Maseri, et al, at case number 95-6970, Davidson was permitted by the USDC Court to charge over $150,000 in unnecessary fees and costs against the ICEC customer accounts.  The CFTC, although a party to both actions, took no action to protect the ICEC customers from Davidson.
The Florida Bar has brought an action against me to stop me from disclosing the Davidson payments.  The Bar is a labor union whose many members in leadership, including Davidson, make a living charging exorbitant, often unnecessary, receiver fees to innocent depositors and customers.  The Bar wants no one to take action to discredit the lucrative receiver appointment segment of the legal system.

James Cobb, Esquire, was in charge of the Florida Task Force that coordinated the ICEC investigation in Florida.  I have filed a request with him to come forward to tell the truth about ICEC to The Florida Bar and others to clear my name.

Because the legal system failed to handle ICEC properly, the public suffered Scott W. Rothstein, another member of The Florida Bar who committed fraud against innocent members of the public.

These cover-ups must come to an end.   Official participation must be exposed and punished.  The responsible CFTC person is Richard Wagner, CFTC enforcement division.  The persons in Florida law enforcement were Det. John Calabro of the Broward County Florida Sheriff’s office and Michael Satz, the Broward County Florida prosecutor.  The persons responsible at The Florida Bar are Henry Coxe, Jacksonville, former Bar Chairman of the Discipline Committee and John Harkness, The Florida Bar Executive Director.

My contact information is below.


William Sumner Scott
36 NW 6th Avenue – Suite 409
Miami, FL 33128

305 796 3176