17 Feb Playing the part of Scott Rothstein is CCPD Police Chief Michael Mann.

Linda Tropepe
Coconut Creek Police Department

via email

Dear Records Keeper;

The following is a request for public information:

  1. For the last year, copies of Jeanette Camacho‘s Sun-Pass bill.  Also, blow her a kiss for me (thanking her for taking a mulligan on the pervert Brad Chalker *).
  2. The invoice for Chief Scott Rothstein Mikey Mann’s brand new car.  Three in three years… Kindly ask the Chief to stay out of Margate and/or near Crash Jenkins Brandi.
  3. Invoices for the furniture, TV, and flooring that’s been installed in the Chief’s office.  Not that I fault him — hell, if I can get my bosses to approve a new vehicle every calendar year, why skimp on the desk, chair, big screen, cherry, I mean oak floors.  By the way, is his shitter gold like Rothstein’s? Can you get me a picture of Mann’s potty?  Preferably, without him on it.
  4. PS Did I hear correct?  You have a female patrol-person, who walked the streets of Coconut Creek, while packing heat, while on Methadone, while on the clock? Is Coconut Creek handing out free flack jackets? I’d like one.


PS Are we having fun yet?

* Chalker, besides trying to bang anything with two legs, was Steve Gonot‘s one time campaign manager.  Gonot went to jail.  His appeal happened this past week – continues to next month. So there is some form of poetic justice. Gonot gonna serve a year in the cooler and Brad’s watching FDOT video cameras.


Chaz Stevens

Chaz Stevens

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