Sunday Morning Roundup: Boners, Patio Furniture, and No-Bid Contracts.

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Here’s what we find interesting this morning.

  1. For the ladies: Valentino Couture Patent Leather Bow Platform Pumps. Available from Saks. $795. Boner free of charge.
  2. I hear the Coconut Creek scrap metal recycling effort might (a) have a city worker/friend/familial link and (b) might not have been properly procured.
  3. We also have heard about Chief Mannary Glands getting into (2 years ago) a $6,000 fender bender. Queue the hate mail! Yes, I know this is old news, but… it’s new news to us and more importantly, was the Chief shown special privilege?
  4. Officer Lesley Eberly’s “last chance”.
  5. More news from the How-To-Blow-Thru-Wads-Of-Forefiture-Cash-Without-Involving-Hooks-And-Er-Blow … Seems that Mann spent $2,000 on patio furniture. Yep, $2,000 of Titanic Deck Chairs to Arrange. What the f*** man… If you can snag us a picture of the goods, drop it to us in an email. Complete anonmynity guaranteed. Show the folks of Coconut Creek how their Chief of Police is doing his best Scott Rothstein impression.
  6. Sgt. Brandi Delvecchio‘s fender bender in Coral Springs. We’ve heard it said (unverified) no camera video, no discipline. Wasn’t this the chick who walked BionicDildo’s doggie? Note to CCPD: I’m willing to walk dogs if that would help me get out of the random citation.
  7. Speaking of BionicDildo, we’re gonna take a look at PACER (specifically US District Court Southern District of FL Case No. 05-21014CIV-SEITZ/MCALILEY)


City Clerk, Coconut Creek

The following is a request for public information.

  1. The RFP, bids, etc. used to secure the city’s scrap metal recycling vendor.
  2. For the last five years, all payments received from this program.
  3. The city’s policy on nepotism.


Linda Tropepe, Records Supervisor
Coconut Creek PD

The following is a request for public information

  1. Any/all accident reports from Chief Mann’s accident of two years ago, kindly include the property damage report and IA.
  2. All invoices from the repair of vehicle(s) and property for this accident.
  3. The department’s policy that allows the Chief to skate by without an accident report being written.
  4. Any documentation that may lead us to believe Mann was pounding Irish Car Bombs when he went out and Mexican Car Bombed some poor schlub in Margate.
  5. For all of Sgt. Brandi Delvecchio’s accidents (minimum of two I l believe), all IAs, disciplinary actions.
  6. The department’s policy that allows Delvechhio to skate by without being formally reprimanded (two’s the charm I hear to get something in “your file”).
  7. Coconut Creek PD’s official policy for walking the dog, and I don’t mean the act of walking around with your penis hanging out of one’s pants.
  8. The IA regarding Officer Lesley Eberly‘s “last chance”.

And finally, dust off former Dep. Chief BionicDildo’s personnel file.  I’ll be diving into that very shortly.

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