OpEd: Commissioner Eric Haynes, Dead Beat Dad

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I am hearing that the $5,000 lien against Commissioner :EH: was in a SunSentinel article in 2011. The article was about what elected officials got away with- and EH was listed. I do remember an article that listed the elected officials who owed fines for ethics violations- EH owed for campaign violations- Rod Harvey (LL City Auditor) was his campaign manager.

I do know that EH had a code enforcement lien due to the color of paint on his house. He painted the house and code cited him because the color was not in the color palette.  He refused to cooperate with them- said they could not cite him becaue he was a Commissioner.

Editor’s Note: And a dead beat dad.

I searched County records for the lien. If it was recorded, it should be shown as released. Did not find it. Also searched the Sun Sentinel for the article but could not find it. Do know that searching County records is tough.

Might want to send a PRR to LL for the lien info- shake him/JA and Brady up.

You want the lien information plus any information related to the Special Magistrate-code for this case


City Clerk
Lauderdale Lakes

The following is a request for public information:

Any/all documents pertaining to liens (past, present) on property owed by Commissioner Eric Haynes.