The 2013 Lauderdale Lakes Million Dollar Sweepstakes


Broward Commissioners Stacy Ritter and Marty Kiar;

via email

Good day to you both.

Are you with me when I say, don’t you just love the smell of bullshit in the morning air?

To wit, Agenda Item #4:

A. MOTION TO ADOPT unanticipated revenue Resolution within the Law Enforcement Contract Fund in the amount of $4,068,996 for the purpose of budgeting funds for the months of February 2013 through September 2013 for the contract for law enforcement services between the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) and the City of Lauderdale Lakes.

Here’s the thing folks.

  1. This appropriation receives County Auditor Evan Lukic‘s approval, based upon LL’s regular monthly financial reports. Problem is, every single one of those monthly reports is erroneous. Sorry Evan, but your word ain’t good enough — I’d not lend someone lunch money based upon it. Note: We’ve filed an OIG complaint against Lukic (citing misfeasance).
  2. The Lauderdale Lakes certified financials (done by a close friend of City Manager Jon Allen) did not reveal the city’s cash position. Lauderdale Lakes has no idea its exact monetary position.
  3. The Lauderdale Lakes Finance Director (:ME:) is well, plainly said, severely retarded.
  4. Lauderdale Lakes has reached out to Ron Book to sway your request for an audit.
  5. Lauderdale Lakes doesn’t think too highly of me. That hurts!

Imagine walking into Bank of America and asking to short-term borrow $4,068,996. Now picture the hoops you will have to jump through to get said cash.

Therefore, it would seem to me…

If Lauderdale Lakes wants you to put $4,068,996 into the game, then demand Allen immediately reach out to State Sen. Joe Abruzzo, via a written letter, and ask for a comprehensive audit of the Lauderdale Lakes CRA and General Fund (from 2009-present).

Make Allen’s demand for a State audit part of this multi-million dollar approval process.

I look forward to seeing you both tear Team Jon Allen a “new one.”

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