Update: Candidate Bruce Augello arrested for Domestic Battery.

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On Sep. 3, 2004, Coconut Creek Police responded to a domestic disturbance at the residence of Bruce Augello (5181 NW 50th Terrace). According to the police incident report, “The defendant [Bruce Augello] bit her on the forearm and backhanded her across the face. I [officer] observed a red mark on the face and teeth marks on her left forearm.”

Augello was placed under arrest.


So I just spoke to Coconut Creek Candidate Bruce Augello. Here’s the gist of our talk.

MAOS: Bruce, my name is Chaz Stevens and I am a reporter with The Broward Post. I’m chasing down two issues regarding your campaign.

BA: Uh, okay.

MAOS: First, I hear that you were just dinged a couple of times for campaign violations. Maybe 2 or 3 violations. $500 each.

<< silence >>

BA: Uh, those were scrivener’s errors and it’s been resolved.

MAOS: Can you tell me how many scrivener’s errors and the total amount of the fines.

<< not sounding pleased >>

BA: You can find that information out from the State. That’s all I have to comment.

MAOS: It’s also been alleged that you’ve been arrested for assault on your wife. Any comment?

<< really not sounding pleased, like he sharted. >>

BA: That’s alleged.

MAOS: Were the police called to your home?

<< the sharting continues >>

BA: The State… [voice trailing off] No comment.

MAOS: Was a police report filed?

<< serious sharting is now occurring >>

BA: No comment.

<< we being a round of vigorous laughing >>

MAOS: Alrighty then. Have a good day.


augello-websiteAnd so ends Bruce Augello’s campaign — his ass pounding, though, will gleefully continue.


I left word for Mayor Marilyn Gerber, seeking her comment. From Augello’s website:

After considering the qualities I believe go into making a successful Commissioner, I strongly endorse the election of Bruce Augello. Bruce has been serving as president of the homeowner’s association in my village for several years and I have witnessed his ability to deliver results, create harmony, build consensus and lead. Bruce has earned my respect and confidence because he has consistently shown strong decision making skills, character and fairness.

Please join me in voting for Bruce Augello for Coconut Creek Commission, Seat C.

Marilyn Gerber

I guess Gerber is pro-domestic violence(?!)


I spoke to Florida Election Commission General Counsel Eric Lippman (pleasant fellow) who told me “no public records are available.”

Which means that this case hasn’t been heard. However, Augello admitted to the violations, so the call to Lippman was pro-forma.