OpEd: Kenneth Macnamee: Acting Mayor Tom Carney and his cabana.

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Delray Beach

Acting Mayor Tom Carney (and Concerned Delray Citizens):

Mr. Carney’s campaign communications seem to indicate he has been a Contract Bidding “watchdog” for Delray taxpayers since the $65M No Bid WM fiasco. His actual record herein will show he has been more of a “lapdog” for the special interests.

(1)- Last month, the Commission approved a $95K annual beach raking contract even though the City’s Park and Recreation Dept. bid the contract, vetted the bidders, and recommended that the City engage a new contractor for $57K annually. Mr. Carney’s justification– he tosses out the lowest bid and he publicly states Joann Peart (the existing contractor) is his “friend”. And just a month after the contract award, Ms. Peart repays Mr. Carney by holding a campaign function/rally for him in her home!

Let’s put this in perspective. For something as mundane as beach raking, Delray taxpayers are paying a 66% premium. That is equivalent to paying $6.50 for a gallon of gas today when the market rate is now $3.90! Would any sensible car driver do that?

(2)- Last April, former City Manager Harden exercised the City’s option to extend the beach cabana rental contract for 3 years without the approval of or informing the Commission. TV Channel 12’s  ” Waste Watch” segment exposed Harden’s malfeasance and confirmed that the City is losing $80K annually. Mr. Carney neither publicly reprimanded Mr. Harden nor required that the contract be bid (which still can be done).

Why? Probably because Mr. Carney’s friend and supporter (Andre’ Fladell) has a personalized, reserved beach cabana! I can forward you a photo of Mr. Fladell’s personal cabana if you like!

To me, these are two expensive “friendships” which cost Delray taxpayers $118K (38 + 80) annually and $354K over the 3 years of the contracts. With $118K annually, the City could finance $1- 1.5M for beach replenishment– funds the city is now desperately seeking!

Perhaps Mr. Carney needs “friendships” because PUBLIC RECORD indicates he may be experiencing some personal financial difficulties. He purchased his $465K residence last July and apparently needed his 85 year old father to co-sign on the $372K mortgage. Mr. Carney signed for his father by means of a Power of Attorney (POA) which had expired before the closing. Wouldn’t one think a 58 year old, self-proclaimed successful businessman and attorney shouldn’t need his father to co-sign for his home let alone with an invalid POA?

The false propaganda, withheld facts, and misrepresentations in Mr. Carney’s campaign mailings and robo phone calls go unchallenged and nauseate me. They are contradicted by public record. I want the Mayoral campaign to be run truthfully on the facts.


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