Meet Lt. Doug Barclay aka Cpl. Cracker McWhitebread

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The story about Coconut Creek officers David Freeman and Laurence Christopher getting nailed for misuse of private data hits home, as that city has an history of abusing confidential DAVID (Driver and Vehicle Information Database) information.

Big Bro definitely be out to f*** you in the 33063.

But, don’t bother complaining, like I did, for such worries fell upon the deaf ears of Lt. Douglas “The Racist” Barclay and then-SAO crackerjack Jeanette Camacho.

Editor’s Note:
Racist? Seems that Barclay, a three decade career employee, has issues with folks of color. Remind me, when in Whitetrashistan, not to appear driving while black — or even modestly sun-tanned.

My position five years ago was CCPD mall cop Brad Chalker‘s inquiry and release of my confidential information violated the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994. Chalker made a lame ass excuse about running into me. Chalker running? As if. At the time, Chalker was DFB Commissioner Steve Gonot‘s buddy. Eventually, MAOS help send Gonot to the klink. Like I said, thanks to Cracker McWhitebread, nothing happened.

Bringing us to modern times…

What’s bothersome is how woefully ignorant Coconut Creek appears to be with the law. From mishandling of public records, to randomly generated fees and costs, to skipping over the DPPA, it makes you stop and wonder … what else are they getting wrong over there?

Editor’s Note:
And I’ve lost count how many giant six-figure salaries there are… A f***ing secretary books $100K+ a year. She better give “good coffee.”

Whatever it is, I hope f***ing Barclay ain’t leading the investigation.


I’ve sent my inquires into FDLE, FBI, and FLDMV  (shades of Curt Cuddeback). Should ping back nothing — assuming I’m not under a BionicDildo supersecret criminal investigation. But, then again, perhaps Chief MannBoobs was stupid enough to have pulled my DAVID. Please, say it’s so. That’d be better than winning the scratchy lottery.


To: Linda Tropepe
Records Clerk

The following is a request for public information.

  1. Any reprimands regarding racial insensitivity filed against Lt. Douglas Barclay.
  2. Any pictures of Barclay in a city issued costume…  I am assuming Mann has a big “M”, Barclay goes with “W(hitey)”?

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