OpEd: Kurt Lehmann’s Past by Kenneth Macnamee


Concerned Delray Citizens:

Commission candidate Kurt Lehmann‘s campaign slogan is about “forward thinking”, probably because he wants you to ignore or forget his past.

The following items relate to Mr. Lehmann’s PUBLIC RECORD about his background:

(1)- Foreclosure- On 9/14/12 (less than 6 months ago), Bank of America filed a foreclosure action against Mr. Lehmann’s Delray residence on a mortgage loan originated on 8/6/2004 for $272K (8 years seasoned).

(2)- Default Final Judgment- On 12/4/2009, Palm Beach County Court issued a “Default Final Judgment” against Mr. Lehmann in favor of American Express (AMEX) in the amount of $74,217.69 at an 8% annual interest rate (i.e, an initial monthly interest payment of $495).

(3)- Garnishment- Apparently, Mr. Lehmann was not complying with the payment requirements of the $74,217.69 Default Final Judgment. On 7/25/2011, Palm Beach County Court entered a “Final Judgment In Garnishment” against Mr. Lehmann in favor of AMEX to recover $157.86 from Suntrust Bank and $223 in AMEX’s garnishments costs. As a former banker, I find this litigation quite curious. Why did AMEX pursue $157.86?

It seems Mr. Lehmann was very low on cash or he emptied his account just before AMEX filed! I can only think that AMEX must have been very upset with Mr. Lehmann’s payment compliance on its $74,217.69 Judgment 18 months earlier.

(4)- DUI- At 2:32 A.M. on 6/14/2003, Mr. Lehmann was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and found Guilty by a Judge on 2/4/2004. Here are some of the details from the Arrest Affidavit and Court Decision:

(A)- “The Defendant (Mr. Lehmann) drove his vehicle over the left solid line 4 times and drove his vehicle over the center line twice…When he got out of his car, he was unsteady on his feet. His eyes were bloodshot and watery. When he spoke, his words were mumbled and there was a strong odor of alcoholic beverages on his breath….”– Arresting Officer’s hand written notes.
(B)- Mr. Lehmann failed 3 field sobriety tests. He was taken to the County Jail where he he failed two breathalizer test with readings of .163 and.165 (more than double the legal limit).
(C)- The Judge suspended his license for 6 months, required 50 hours of community service, completion of DUI school, substance abuse evaluation and any required treatment/ substance abuse education course, random substance abuse testing during the 12 month probation period, etc.
(D)- Finally, Mr. Lehmann’s Occupation on the Arrest Affidavit– “Motivational Speaker”!

(5)- Speeding Tickets- Since 2000, Mr. Lehmann has received 6 speeding tickets and been convicted 5 times. The details of his last two speeding violations are as follows:

(A)- On 7/28/2006 (a Friday afternoon- 3:23 P.M), Mr. Lehmann was cited at I-95 and Hypoluxo Rd. at 94 MPH.

(B)- On 7/26/2011 (a Saturday morning- 7:57 A.M.), Mr. Lehmann was cited at 51 MPH in a Delray residential neighborhood (1100 N.E. 2nd Ave.)

I believe it is my civic duty to disclose the above information because Mr. Lehmann has been endorsed by (1) Delray Police, (2) Delray Fire Rescue, and (3) the Sun Sentinel. Each should have far more investigative resources and skill than I do as a retiree. Again, it is PUBLIC RECORD.

Each has the prerogative to endorse whom they choose. But, wouldn’t one think that each has an obligation to disclose publicly at least some of the information above?

Their endorsements don’t matter. Your vote on March 12th does!

Please feel free to forward this email to other Concerned Delray Citizens. I thank you!


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