Ritter says Nay!

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Before I get to the video and my thanks, let me say this.

Shame the f*** on you Comm. Chip LaMarca.  Aren’t you GOPtards supposed to be all about “fiscal responsbility”? If so, then how come Comm. Stacy Ritter is beating you hands down? You will recall, she’s one of them there Democrats.

Ditto to you, Comm. Tim Ryan. Time for you to get in the game. Being on the dais is much more than just mugging for the camera.

Don’t be such a twunt.

To Ritter, Comm. Marty Kiar and Comm. Lois Wexler Sue Gunzberger (the three votes against the $8.6 million handout to Lauderdale Lakes), many thanks.  I’d like to send you a “Vote Augello Punch His Wife In The Face Tee“) as a token gesture.  It’s value?  Around $9 bucks, or priceless, depending on how you look at it.

I snagged the video from this morning’s Broward Commission meeting, if you are pressed for time, it really gets going around the 8:00 mark.

Here’s some highlights from Ritter blasting away at Comm. Holness’s assertion Lauderdale Lakes is doing a good job.

  1. The entire county had an economic downturn.
  2. Everyone lost ad valorum taxes.
  3. No one raised taxes up to “the cap” like Lauderdale Lakes did.
  4. Cities looked to responsible leadership and staff.
  5. No thank you from the City (expect Ritter to see a big box of Mrs. Fields Cookies come her way).
  6. Their questionable CRA practices continue to dog them.
  7. If this was a business running like this, they would have changed their leadership when things started to go south. The same people are in charge of this now, as was then.
  8. You want to know where they can save money?  They didn’t have to give their City Manager a raise — an egregious, ridiculous amount, when everyone else was cutting.

PS It was only a matter of time before Holness played the race card, in this case, Holness asserts “the Commission’s actions are punitive in nature.”

F*** you buddy.

What’s punitive is a 9.5 millage, the highest fees in the county, and :JA/EH: at the helm.

In the words of Annakata (The Pirate Bay), “Please go sodomize yourself with a baton.”