No African Americans working there? Hard to “pile on” then.

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We here at MAOS believe in affordable health care for all. In fact, we’re so adamant about that, we position ourselves as thinking that’s a basic human right.

MAOS favors science and mathematics over religious fervor, strongly champions the rights of women and children, thinks clean water/air is more important than deregulation, and thanks to my upbringing, understands the absolute importance of a good education.

We also love love love our new doggy.  And we still miss Scooter very dearly. Ugh.

Along with these beliefs, we’ve come to understand part of MAOS’ job is to ask questions.  There are times when we don’t have the answer, the answer won’t be forthcoming anytime soon, but we think it’s important to get the conversation started.

Discussion matters.

In the case of this post, we’ve given the microphone to our emailers and their questions – noting that they’re unverified. In fact, nothing below should be taken as a matter of fact.

So, with that libel disclaimer in place, take it away people(s).

  1. You may want to ask why Biondolillo had an alert put on Curt Cuddeback’s tag # during the employment arbitration – when Curt was a private citizen. This in addition to the TAR reports on Curt’s name were all done based on a phantom (bogus) criminal investigation.
  2. Not sure if you want to travel down this path, but since you seem to be onto a Lt Cracker kick this week, maybe you should take a look at the racial make-up of the Coconut Creek Police Department. I believe they have one Haitian-American officer and no African-American officers. It is a well known fact amongst the African-American law enforcement community that we are not welcome as employees in the Coconut Creek Police Department. A simple public records request would reveal the racial make-up of the department (and not just sworn personnel) and how rare it is for African-Americans to apply there for employment.
  3. Erica Huerta: Came over from the BSO. Had to be told to remove scantily clad photos of herself from her Facebook page if she wanted to get hired. During her background check it was discovered she had a very poor driving record (struck pedestrians with her patrol car on two separate occasions and had been in a couple of other accidents). Background investigator was ordered to overlook her driving record by Mann and Biondolillo. BSO expressed relief to background investigator that we were taking her off their hands.
  4. You may wish to look into the fact that Chief Mann had the admin fax machine moved into his assistant’s office and out of the common area during the Yacobellis investigation so that they could send information to the SAO without going through the email system to avoid the whole public records thing. He also was obviously receiving faxes that he didn’t want anyone else to see. Strange move for a person who likes to say we are transparent.

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