I heart MAOS.

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I thought a quick timeline, a historical perspective covering the last 15 months investigating Lauderdale Lakes, a “How we got where we are” was in order.

Ready? Set! GO!

  • November 2011 we arrive on scene, and for the next couple of months, we fire in a flurry of public record requests.
  • The city responds to those requests, also known as Jon Allen‘s “pay to play” with ridiculous fees and charges ($750 to review personnel files).
  • The city opines “we’re just a blogger, so no worries.” We, however, knew we had them dead to rights.
  • February 2012 Allen’s Dad, Daddy Allen, sends Larry Tibbs and I the famous “cease and desist.” Our response was “eat me.”
  • Winter 2012: The OIG report blasts Allen for “felony bid splitting.” MAOS files a criminal complaint with the Broward State Attorney’s Office using this report as its basis.
  • Spring-Fall 2012: The MAOS deep dives into the city’s numbers, finding fault left and right. We document our claims, raise awareness, and await for the other shoe to fall.
  • Winter 2012: The other shoe falls. Broward Commissioners Stacy Ritter and Marty Kiar reach out to Sen. Joe Abruzzo requesting an extensive audit of Lauderdale Lakes.
  • Abruzzo, in a call to me, indicates “he’s all in”, however the audit request needs to come from a Broward State Rep. or Sen.
  • Winter 2013: We reach out to Sen. Jeremy Ring, who nearly instantaneously responds to our request, sends Abruzzo a letter asking for the audit.
  • MAOS learns Gov. Rick Scott joins in the melee, farming the audit out to a private firm.

County commissioners, high ranking State Senators, and the Governor of our State all believing in MAOS. Not too bad for a f***ing blogger, eh? For those in the audience that thought our Allen West / Secretary of HUD connection was a one-off, think again.

Painfully¬†researched investigations, good old fashion ball busting, fine Italian ladies footwear, Jessica’s toes, and of course fart jokes.

I heart MAOS.

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