Calling Mike Kessler to the rescue!


Dear Broward County Commissioners;

The following is an official request for you to get off your collective asses (outside of the Gang of Three – Stacy Ritter, Marty Kiar, and Sue Gunzburger).

We’d like the County to hire an external auditor to verify the financial relationship between the City of Lauderdale Lakes and the County.  In particular, that forensic beancounter should review:

  1. The monthly statements presented to the county
  2. The city’s long range financial plan
  3. The city’s CRA and BSO repayment plan

It is my opinion, based on considerable data, the review will discover false data was intentionally provided to Broward.  The very same reports that form the basis of the County extending millions in collateral to the town. If you went into Bank of America, secured millions in short term backing based upon lies, is that even legal?

The question you need to ask yourself is this, “Would I have agreed to backing $8.4 million if I knew Jon Allen was intentionally lying to me.” Keep in mind, the city’s finance director (:ME:) ain’t really a finance director (having been let go from her job as Oakland Park’s special projects director (aka Director of PowerPoint)).

I bet County Auditor Evan Lukic is telling you, “But it’s really their money that’s paying for BSO.” True, but what happens when they miss a payment? Will you be able to look your constituents in the eyeball and say, “Well, we knew they were f***ing us, we just didn’t do anything about it. We should have listened to Chaz Stevens, Malcontent.”

I’m also confident Team Lukic is opining you should leave this up to Tallahassee. A bad idea … let me count the ways.

  1. This is County money and you were elected to provide stewardship.
  2. I do not believe the State audit will review the docs traded between L’ Lakes and the County.
  3. This is your chance to get into the game and a golden opportunity to kick Jon Allen Dale Holness right in his tiny mansack.

Here’s the solution, a way out of this morass.

We suggest the world-famous forensic auditing team of Kessler International (  As you might recall, Kessler helped with the original LL CRA review, and they also looked into Deerfield Beach, Pompano, and Ft. Pierce. In fact, Deerfield’s a much better place due in no small part to Mike Kessler and his people(s).

Get ready kids! Coach is sending you in!!!

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