Who wants to earn up to $10,000 helping bring Mann and Rivera to their … er… knees?


Raise your hands… how many people want Coconut Creek Police Chief Michael Mann fired? Who wants City Manager Dave Rivera shit canned?

Follow up question … who wants to earn up to a $10,000 reward for helping MAOS achieve these goal?

“The reward is for anything illegal or showing the betrayal of public trust that will lead to their arrest or conviction. We will gladly pay up to $10,000 to that person,” said Chaz Stevens, Editor in Chief of MyActsOfSedition.com. “Coconut Creek is full of hard working people and those in charge are sticking it up the town’s collective ass.”

Stevens says the only way to do away with a corrupt administration is by digging up dirt and bringing men like these to their knees.

Stevens said there are federal and state laws that grant taxpayers the right to sue City officials.

“Taxpayers have the right to bring lawsuits against politicians and government officials under the false claims acts and under qui tam lawsuits and taxpayer lawsuits,” said Stevens. “If they are stealing dollars and doing illegal activities, we as taxpayers have a right to sue them.”

If you’ve been following the Not So Curious Case of  Bal Harbour Police Chief Thomas Hunker, you might have just read the Miami Herald storyBal Harbour police chief, in fight over alleged misspending, is fired.”

The dismissal stemmed from a lengthy U.S. Justice Department investigation and followed a series of Miami Herald reports about alleged misspending of millions of dollars received through a federal forfeiture program. The Justice Department also alleged that alleged Hunker abused his position for personal benefit.

But federal investigators say village police misspent that money on unjustified overtime and lavish travel, and improper payments to confidential informants. The money also went to cover salaries and benefits for two undercover investigators working under contract in California and Florida’s west coast, and to purchase expensive toys: $100,000 for a police power boat; $225,000 for a sleek surveillance truck.

As a result of the questionable spending , Bal Harbour was suspended from the forfeiture program, and the feds demanded the village return more than $4 million.

The village also has disbanded the narcotics unit, and on Thursday construction crews began to remove the trailer where the unit’s detectives planned investigations and counted cash seized from suspected drug dealers and money launderers.

Detectives with the narcotics unit earned tens of thousands in overtime — often from work conducted inside the trailer — during the past few years, sometimes doubling their pay.

Stevens believes the Coconut Creek Police Department has ventured down the same path as Bal Harbour. He’s so certain, he’s willing to put $10,000 of his own money in the game.

Any takers?

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