My invitation to CM Jon Allen


To: Jonathan Allen, City Manager, Lauderdale Lakes

via email

Mr. City Manager;

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be launching my very own radio program, “The Chaz Stevens Show.”  Out of the gate, I’m going to be discussing the City of Lauderdale Lakes, and have confirmed the following guests:

  1. Mike Kessler, CEO Kessler International
  2. Commissioner Stacy Ritter
  3. Commissioner Marty Kiar
  4. I’ve also extended invitations to Sen. Joe Abruzzo, Sen. Jeremy Ring, and Commissioner Dale Holness.

As I don’t want this to be a lop-sided program, I’m officially extending you (and your legal team, Finance Director … hell, bring Director of Buzz – Vince Richmond) an invitation to the show.

Here you’ll get your chance to go one-on-one with The Genius. No delay, no script, no dump button.  Think about it Holmes, if I am so wrong, and you are so right, then your data should be able to kick my ass.

I’m sure the City Attorney, JimBlow, will repeat his advice, “Nothing to be gained here.”  Nothing to be gained here? Since when is discussing the public’s right to know, the desire to chat about good government a losing proposition?

Don’t be a chicken shit.

Climb in the ring with The Genius and take your best shot.  Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and knock me the f*** out.

You have my number.


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