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Commissioners Stacy Ritter and Marty Kiar
Senators Joe Abruzzo and Jeremy Ring

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Greetings from Georgetown… Hope these words find you well.

At last night’s Lauderdale Lakes Commission meeting, elected officials have announced a special meeting (Mon., March 18) to discuss:

  1. A letter, signed by those on the dais, addressed to the JLAC and AG indicating “Hey Guys, come on. Nothing’s wrong here.” And by that, we don’t include ending up $4.9 million in the 2011 hole.  And, contrary to the spin, the city’s only “positive” is cash-rich special assessment funds.  The General Fund is flat busted broke.
  2. On top of this letter, it’s been said State Rep. Hazelle Rogers has gone “fully monty” — applying pressure in Tallahassee, with the same goal in mind.

It is imperative to remember Rogers is under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION for accepting an undeclared $50,000 “gift” from CRA developer Dwight Stephenson Construction.

I am certain Rogers does not want any further investigation into the town’s CRA, as that might uncover more of her shenanigans. I suggest a new rule — one cannot argue against an audit, if that audit involves you taking handouts, grift, graft, payouts, and or payola.

All kidding aside.

Rogers doesn’t want an investigation because that might add evidence to her criminal activity.

As Sen. Abruzzo told me, “It’s just an audit. Who doesn’t want a complete understanding of a city’s finances.” Well Sir, it’s become readily apparent certain criminal-leaning State and local elected officials and a certain City Manager don’t.

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