Smoke-n-mirrors vs. Sleight O’ Hand


We see from the 2011 audited financial statements that there was a $8.0M debt to BSO and a $2.5M debt to the CRA.

This created a  $4.9M deficit in the Fund Balance for the General Fund and a $1.7M deficit in the Fire Fund.

Now we hear from what was reported in the Sun Sentinel that now the City has a $2.8M reserve for 2012. Also in comments reported from Lauderdale Lakes Auditor Rod Harvey it has mostly due to a change in accounting and reporting for the BSO debt making it a long term debt, not in anything the City or Jon Allen has done. So MAOS comments hold true in that nothing has changed in L Lakes- only the Allen, Harvey, Eric Haynes trio doing their games.

No one has seen this as there are no financial statements to review. What authorizes these changes?  Seems now that Harvey might be having second thoughts about this and putting his seal of approval on it.

The real debt to BSO and the CRA and the payment period (both ballon payments) has not changed, but yet there is new found reserves? Is that why the trio are hiding the financial statements from even the Commission, and worse, yet the public.

Be assured that MAOS will be on this and the LAC Gang Of Four will know about this.

Rod Harvey- it is time for you to man up.

Debt is debt, no matter how you paint it.

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