OpEd: Like Miramar, there’s double dipping in Coconut Creek.

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With the media’s recent focus on the outlandish double-dipping by a “select few” Miramar employees, we thought folks might be interested to learn the following:

  1. The new Broward PBA Vice President is Coconut Creek Police Department Det. Rod Skirvin. Skirvin’s double dipping – he’s paid a full city salary as well as by the PBA. Skirvin’s job is to to conduct PBA business, while ostensibly working for the taxpayer.
  2. Another PBA rep, after being ‘elected’, found themselves promoted to the detective bureau — courtesy of Chief Mann-O’-schevitz.
  3. Leading to another CCPD PBA ‘rep’, after being ‘elected’, scored the inside training unit, as a way of thanks by … repeat after me, Mann-O’-schevitz. Which of course the favor has to be returned as this guy’s wife, Leslie Eberly (yup, that Eberly) was supposed to be fired after her 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th accident in something like two years. All her fault, all while she sat on a patio cushion or telephone book. (This is no joke as she is 5’0, and wayyyyy under 100 pounds). So her PBA rep-husband brokers a deal with Mann, as Mann brokered a deal with Dan Eberly for him to be rep, and so on. Her only punishment? Her take home car was taken away for a month, then a year after that. But, doesn’t really matter, Mann put her in the highly coveted ‘desk officer’ position, getting paid $38 an hour to sit at the front desk (the bubble) and take walk in complaints. So looks like she didn’t need her car. BUT the real favor was that she was not allowed to drive, which means she was at no risk losing her job since she was ‘forced’ to sit at the front desk for a year. Oh, then she got pregnant right at the year mark, so she wasn’t driving then, then when she returns, Mann puts her in Coconut Creek elementary as a school cop, so guess what, no more driving for her! Everyone’s happy! Especially her husband, as he doesn’t have to do anymore favors for Mann, right? yea, right….

Both prestigious positions as a thank you. So the math is correct, three out of three PBA reps were bought and paid for by Mann.

Now I am pretty sure the way it is supposed to work is the the union, the reps, are supposed to stick up for the cops, and therefore against management. But if course when the senior rep gets Mann’s permission to work at the PBA full time, and the other two reps were promoted into coveted positions, …whats that saying, if it quacks like a duck, and don’t tell me its raining…

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