Alois tries a page from the Sylvia Poitier handbook. #EPICFAIL

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MAOS actually laughed out loud when we heard CCPD Officer Tammy “Methadonian Shuffle” Alois, not taking all that kindly to our reporting, is pondering a return to her maiden name.

Editor’s Note: No divorce mind you, just some lame marketing.

“Why no, Mr. McDonalds Manager.  I’m not Tammy Alois, I’m Admiral Heroine Kilgore and yes, I’ll have 62 Filet O’ Fishes on the house.”

Oh, the power of blogosfear…

All this nonsense (does Mrs. McCheese think we’ll somehow not make the connection?) reminds us of the good old days, when then-Deerfield Beach commissioner Sylvia “Been In Jail” Poitier, under a constant barrage of MAOS libelity (pun!), also considered a name McShuffle. *


In 2009, our good friend, former New Times reporter Tom Francis, filed this story , “Deerfield Beach Vice Mayor Ditches Name, Still Can’t Shake Blogger.”

Deerfield Beach’s vice mayor, formerly known as Sylvia Poitier, is now going with her maiden name, Ferguson. The move, which she mentioned in her remarks at last week’s meeting, as seen above, comes amid her claiming to have been “defamed” by Acts of Sedition blogger Chaz Stevens, who yesterday filed his fifth ethics complaint against Poitier — I mean Ferguson.


So, in the spirit of name changing, may we suggest Lt. Doug Barclay Cpl. Whitey McWhiteBread consider the following new call signs.

  • White Tom Jones
  • Uve Van den Klanhorns
  • Sergeant Skidmarks

And, as we can’t leave well enough alone at times (aka never), perhaps it’s time Officer Jim “Tazed Him Bro” Yacobellis update his nome de plume to:

  • Electric Bob
  • Trogdor the Burninator
  • Abu Ghraibed

* We note, Poitier’s 2009 referencing of the Ferguson name, eventually led to her downfall and arrest — as she lied on documents years later, denying that very same name. That caught up with her and bit her right in the can.

As is usually the case, you get what you pay for.

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