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Nerd Alert! This post contains some wonky shit. Be advised.

We’ve broken down the latest Lauderdale Lakes agenda … here’s our report.

Agenda Item 9E-
Hidden in this item we see City Manager :JA: playing his usual tricks.

  1. All they have done in Stormwater is Master Planning- no real work. You know ADA Engineering, Manny Diez and company.
  2. City received Stormwater grant for over $1 million- spent almost $700k on planning with only $361k left for actual capital projects? We know that because there has been no capital projects done in Stormwater- ask the residents – (see recent article in Help Me Howard).
  3. Agenda item says there is a fund balance of $980k in Stormwater, with only $161k available for projects?
  4. What gives here- Stormwater should be all capital projects. General Fund borrowing the cash again?
  5. Agenda item also mentions “recapitalizing” Stormwater- we all know what that means- jacking up rate by 160% for no projects.
  6. And let us not forget- Stormwater received loan from SunTrust for capital projects that it is now paying debt on- where is that $1.5M? We do not see that disclosed here. We do not see those capital projects- again ask the residents.


Agenda Item 9F-
It is great that the City received grant for $1.57M for additional firefighters for two years. However it is never adequately disclosed that the City must keep these firefighters on after the grant ends at the City’s expense.

Allen does a very weak job of disclosing this.

Ask to see the grant agreement- find out that the City commits to keeping these firefighters on at the City’s expense. Demand the real story.

Also ask to see who is making the grant match for this grant (grant does not pay 100%).We know, it is the Fire Fund with it’s $1.7M deficit and fees over the legal limit.

Agenda Item 9G-
Audit of the Financial Statements

This stink bomb is back. And notice again where are statements at for public and residents review. Nowhere to be found.

Rumor has it that the Commission was advised Friday night that they could pick them up at City Hall. Does any of them think that is adequate time to review? Same old Allen, :RH:, :EH: talk fast and shuffle the deck.

There has to be a reason why the public can’t see these. More of the same crap from the 2011 financial statements that MAOS found and alerted the State about?