26 Mar Tuesday Morning’s Do With This As You Will

Just a couple more items to file in the “Chief Mann Bear Pig’s Never Hire A Problem Child” folder.

Let’s start off with Officer Daniel Rush Hour and the notion of hiring uncertified officers. For those unfamiliar, “uncertified” means CCPD will pay an individual to attend the Police Academy (most excellent movie!). Up until Mann came along, Creek HR had the habit of only hiring certified officers.

And then along came Rush Hour.

By the way, Rush, during his “Explorer” days, testified against Sgt. Curtis “Cutty Shark Cuddeback.

Next up is the curious case of John C. McKinney. It’s been said, but not verified, McKinney’s the kid of one of Mann’s friends (who knew he had any?). And as far as a potential McKinney issue, I’ll let the following PRR do the talkin’.

To: Davie Police Media Relations
From: Chaz Stevens, Malcontent

The following is a request for public information.

I am investigating the Davie PD’s hiring of John C. McKinney. Seems that McKinney might have threatened a polygraphed during his hiring process.  The polygrapher (unsure of name/sex) supposedly filed a police report. I am unfamiliar with the date of this possible incident, however I believe it is a recent event.

If this is true, I’d like a copy of the Incident Report and the IA summary memo/report.



Chaz Stevens

Chaz Stevens

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Chaz Stevens


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