So much for Dan Holmes.

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On Tuesday’s Lauderdale Lakes Commission meeting agenda, Item 9H is a resolution to execute a contract with Erosion Restoration, LLC for $832,316 for the design and repair of certain segments of the City’s canal bank system.

They are recycling the same tired and untrue verbiage that was used in the “Help Me Howard” piece on canal bank stabilization. They are allen’s words, for sure…though they were attributed to Dan Holmes on HMH and he is listed as the sponsor of this item.

Check out this blatantly false passage from the end of the item…

“Improvements to the canal banks in need of stabilization, were, however, halted in 2011 as part of the City’s financial crisis.” That is false since the City had stormwater improvement grant money and was continuing to collect stormwater assessment fees. The financial crisis had no effect or should have had no effect on that money unless it was misappropriated or stockpiled.

“Since 2011, the City has appropriately recapitalized its Stormwater Utility Fund and it is ready to resume the necessary work to stabilize those portions of the canal banks still in need of repair.” False again, as the 160% increase was not needed. All they’re doing now is playing catch-up with one show project and still stockpiling the surplus SW money.

Finally, this resolution is for “design and repair.” WTF? The design was already performed and paid for (ADA Engineering). This is allen’s attempt to make it look like the SW increase was needed and that he’s paying attention to the City’s stormwater needs but remember there were no SW projects undertaken for three years and now they’re paying again for the design of the canal bank system!

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