The upcoming Lauderdale Lakes Agenda.

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MAOS was looking at the Lauderdale Lakes agenda for the Tuesday Commission Meeting. What do we see but that same lame Ordinance 2013-11 for a Budget Amendment from the last meeting. You know the one where City Manager Jon Allen was slapped down about raises for him and his cronies (who did not take any previous reductions), a contract increase to Rod Harvey of $19,500, a contract increase of $23,000 to City Atty Jim Brady for his reversal of the Haynes chronicle –  yes I live in L Lakes, no I don’t and no he does not vote for himself, yes he does.

And also lest we forget, adjusting 2013 budget for almost $47k for balance sheet expenses in 2012.

But he is bringing it back again.

Lets’ look at the attachment-

Allen is appropriating “balance sheet revenues and expenditures” of almost $47k from 2012 to the 2013 budget. Why? To pay for the 6% raise to himself who never took any cut, received a $10k raise and took bonuses of almost $8k at will. Allen is not restoring anything to himself and his cronies- he already banked it and is laughing at the Commission for being so stupid.

What is really shocking is the statement that the City Auditor confirmed these budgeting and accounting protocols? The same Harvey who is getting a $19,500 increase to his 2012 contract in 2013 in this very same Budget Amendment. We are going to ring up Rod Harvey ( and see if he really did okay this or just he just say- whatever is fine as long as I get paid.

Why we would say that-

The last page of the attachment- the 2012 Balance Sheet for your review. Do you see “balance sheet revenues and expenditures” anywhere on the financial statement? I only see assets and liabilities. This is all an Allen ruse to increase the budget in 2013 to give himself a raise. The deserving workers in Public Works who should have received raises- Allen fired them. But now Allen has to give Vince Richmond another raise.

And also remember that Allen is fighting a public records request on the “balance sheet expenses” and Diamond Jim Brady says that is okay because records requests are of no significance or importance in L Lakes.

And again anything recorded in 2012 has absolutely nothing to do with the budget for 2013. Allen is continuing the Ponzi scheme.

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