Our criminal complaint (#2) against the FrankenMayor.

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Madam Clerk;

A few more requests.

Since Robb took office (March 2013), I would like the following:

  1. Any emails sent to the city from John Grassi.
  2. Any emails sent to the city from Rod Coddington.
  3. Any emails sent to the city from Steve Krevoy.
  4. Any emails sent to the city from Sandra Jackson.
  5. Any emails sent to the city from Caryl Berner.

Additionally, I would like the CIty Attorney to opine on the following:

  1. Are city related emails sent to Mayor Robb, regardless of the account (city, personal) considered public records, subject to Florida Statute 119?
  2. Is the failure to provide records (outside of legal exemption), or the destruction (outside of the records retention policy) of public data is a criminal offense under Florida Law?

I am alleging Mayor Jean Robb has willfully, intentionally, and maliciously failed to produce, and perhaps destroyed public records. It is my intention to file a criminal complaint against her for such.

I am a Genius. She blows.


Download Robb’s emails (note: many are missing aka not provided).

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