But the question is why – we will tell you why…

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We see the budget amendment (Ordinance 2013-24 — see below) on the agenda for July 22 Meeting-

“To reconcile the General Fund and Solid Waste and Recycling Fund” – City Manager Jon Allen talk for let me take money from Solid Waste now since it is now the cash cow and I need to help my General Fund.

Broward County is giving the City $312,964 in recycling fees.

Queue Stacy Ritter‘s outrage.

How does Allen want to spend it? $262,690 to the General Fund and $50,000 to Solid Waste. Recycling from Solid Waste program to the General Fund?


The Solid Waste Fund is funded by a Special Assessment- aka restricted funding.

Let’s look at what he wants to fund in the General Fund-

  • Commission Retreat- $3,000 (If I was a Commissioner I know I would not say not in a million years)
  • Legal Advertisement- $2,690
  • Information Technology- $10,000
  • Commission Chambers Audio Equipment- $25,000
  • and on and on
  • Biggest sham- Budget stabilization for the General Fund- $100,000.

What does any of this have to do with Recycling in Solid Waste? Nothing at all.

To Allen, it is free money for him to play, to everyone else — it is legally restricted money.

But the question is why- we will tell you why…

As of September 30, 2012 the Solid Waste Fund had a fund balance reserve of over $1 million and over a $1.1 million cash balance. It did not need help. So good in fact was Solid Waste that Allen suggested a $24 reduction in the Solid Waste Fee for 2014. So good in fact that Allen can now raid the Solid Waste Fund for $262,690 in General Fund expenses (illegal we would think). Why does he not further decrease the solid waste assessment fees for 2014 to help the residents ( a $1M reserve for an annual contract $1.3M)?

This is not the Allen Way- the residents do not need a rebate, I can move funds anywhere I want, and the Commission will sign off on anything.

Drink the Kool Aid.